Article: Improvement quality of aubergine plants with effective microorganisms.

D. Prisa, 2019

Asian Academic Research Journal of Multidisciplinary. Vol.6, (3): 1-8


The aim of the study was to investigate how effective microorganisms (EM) affect the quality and growth of aubergine plants. An experiment was carried out with 2 treatments: 1. soil inoculated with EM microorganisms; 2. soil without EM microorganisms (control). Plants treated with the micro-organisms Em were significantly higher and showed a larger stem diameter. The number of leaves was significantly higher in plants treated with EM, as was the number of flowers. The use of EM microorganisms has also led to a significant increase in the number of aubergines produced per plant. It is therefore clear from the evidence that the use of this selection of microorganisms, inoculated into the soil, can significantly improve the quality of aubergine plants.

#melanzana #pubblicazione #microrganismi #em #biostimolazione #ortive



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