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Article: Improvement quality of aubergine plants with effective microorganisms.

D. Prisa, 2019 Asian Academic Research Journal of Multidisciplinary. Vol.6, (3): 1-8 Abstract The aim of the study was to investigate how effective microorganisms (EM) affect the quality and growth of aubergine plants. An experiment was carried out with 2 treatments: 1. soil inoculated with EM microorganisms; 2. soil without EM microorganisms (control). Plants treated … Continua a leggere Article: Improvement quality of aubergine plants with effective microorganisms.

Article: Effect of chabazitic-zeolites and effective microorganisms on growth and chemical composition of Aloe barbadensis Miller and Aloe arborescens Miller

Dr. Domenico Prisa ASJ: International Journal of Agricultural Research, Sustainability, and Food Sufficiency (IJARSFS) Vol. 6(01) 13 March, 2019, Pp. 315-321 http://www.academiascholarlyjournal.org/ijarsfs/index_ijarsfs.htm ISSN: 2360-932X©Academia Scholarly Journals Indexed In: Directory of Research Journals Indexing - http://www.drji.org Also Available@; Archive.org/Domenico Prisa #paper #aloe #research #metabolites #microorganisms #zeolites