Article: Cultivation and cold stress protection in Crassula with zeolitites


The International Journal of Engineering and Science (IJES), Volume 8, Issue 6 Series I, Pages 29-34. DOI:10.9790/1813-0806012934


With the aim of improving certain growth and quality characteristics of Crassula Ovata plants, an experiment was conducted at CREA-OF in Pescia (PT), where conventional cultivation substrates were compared with substrates added with chabazitic-zeolitites. The result of the use of zeolites added to the growing medium was a significant increase in plant height, number of leaves, total plant weight, number of new shoots and stem diameter. It is clear that chabazite can increase plant growth, probably due to an increased supply of water and nutrients. In addition, zeolite-treated plants showed greater resistance to cold, which was also demonstrated by the use of the spectrocolorimeter, which showed significant differences in parameters L*, a*, b*, ∆E*.
These data therefore underline how the use of zeolitites and in particular chabazite, in addition to improving certain aspects of plant quality and production can be crucial for the prevention and protection of certain abiotic stresses, especially from cold.

#freddo #stressabiotico #protezionepiante #zeolite


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