Inula: olive fly control and bee protection by varroa

Inula is a bushy perennial plant, generally evergreen, of the Astaraceae family, the largest among the Phanerogams, which includes an estimated number of genera around 959, rather common in the Mediterranean regions. This plant has long been the subject of studies in relation to the presence in different parts of the plant (roots, stem, leaves, flowers, etc..) of numerous components of different chemical nature, whose properties make interesting some potential applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, aromas and related. Numerous studies have been conducted to identify and isolate active compounds from its biomass. The most important classes of chemical compounds present are mainly mono-, sesqui- and tri-terpenes, flavones, flavanones and carbohydrates. Both organic extracts and some metabolites showed antifungal activity towards dermatophytes and Candida albicans, antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory effects in rats, fungicidal activity towards some pathogens of agricultural interest.


#inula #biocontrol #essentialoil #varroa #olive


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