Article: “Qualitative and physiological effect of humic substances on Hawortia tessellata and Hawortia papillosa,”

In order to improve vegetative quality, root development and increase growth rate, humic substances have been used in this test on hawortia tessellata and hawortia papillosa, succulents on which there are usually delays in the growth cycle and problems related to water and salt stress, especially in pot cultivation. The data show that the use of humic substances can stimulate root development and in particular root hair in various plant species. The two experimental groups in cultivation were: i) group without humic substances, irrigated with water and substrate previously fertilized; ii) group with humic substances, irrigated with water and substrate previously fertilized, 3 ml/l for three treatments during the growing cycle. All Hawortia plants treated with humic substances showed a significant increase in the agronomic parameters analysed compared to the untreated control. The results show that the use of humic substances introduced into the growing medium can improve the quality of treated plants by increasing the uptake of minerals, particularly nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The ability of humic substances to influence plant growth and development is of particular interest today because of the need to use sustainable cultivation techniques to increase the quality and productivity of plant, paying particular attention to the fertility of substrates and soils. In this particular case, the possibility of using this type of biostimulant on slow growing plants in the growth cycle is more important because they come from countries with completely different climatic and soil conditions from those in Europe.

International Journal of Scientific Research in Multidisciplinary Studies , D. Prisa, Vol.6, Issue.3, pp.1-5, 2020


Key-Words / Index Term
Microorganisms; Sustainable applications; Succulent; Rhizosphere, Biofertilizers

humic #substances #paper #succulent #biofertilizers



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