AbstrAct:D. Prisa, Italian chabazitic-zeolitite and Effective Microorganisms for the qualitative improvement of olive trees.
Natural Zeolites are a mineral family composed by 54 different species chemically defined as “hydrated allumino-silicates of alkaline and alkaline earth elements” and structurally belonging to the tectosilicates. Due to their crystal chemistry, zeolites show physical-chemical peculiarities such as high and selective cation exchange capacity (CEC), reversible dehydration, selective molecular absorption, and catalytic behaviour.
Therefore, rocks containing more than 50% of zeolites (zeolitites) are widely and profitably utilized in the purification of municipal, zootechnical and industrial wastewaters, as additive in animal nutrition, agriculture and floriculture.
Moreover, concerning microorganisms, Effective microorganisms (EM) comprises of live cultures of microorganisms isolated from fertile soils in nature that are useful during crop production. EM has been found to increase seed germination, vigour, early fruiting and the number of fruits in different species. In this paper we describe a test
carried out at the experimental greenhouses of Crea-Viv, was evaluated
the possibility of using the zeolitite and EM mixed to the substrate, for
to increase the olive plants quality. The test showed a larger percentage
of rooting of cuttings placed in zeolitite and EM, compared to those in
pumice-stone, with a level of root growth significantly increased. These
data highlight some of the positive effects that the zeolitite and symbiotic
microorganisms, might make once used in the rooting of cuttings of olive
trees, but also in growth substrate

(PDF) Italian chabazitic-zeolitite and effective microorganisms for the qualitative improvement of olive trees. Available from: [accessed May 02 2019].

Atti Soc. Tosc. Sci. Nat., Mem., Supplemento, 125 (2018) pagg. 13-17, tab. 3, fig. 2; doi: 10.2424/ASTSN.M.2018.2





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